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Groupe Média TFO presents IDÉLLO, a dynamic multilevel digital platform designed to cater and adapt to different types of learning. IDÉLLO brings teachers, early childhood educators, students and parents an array of resources and functions that satisfy the desire for new ways to learn. IDÉLLO offers thousands of rich, up-to-date educational resources in French, as well as functions and a workspace that encourage communication between communities of users with common interests.

Learning Resources

Teachers: IDÉLLO encourages the flipped classroom approach and helps you with your lesson planning. You can bookmark your favourites and share customized activities and resources with groups of students. Equipped with highly refined filters, IDÉLLO’s search engine can target precise concepts, including criteria specific to French as a Second Language (FSL).

Parents: IDÉLLO helps you give your children the support they need. Create and share activities in French with them and for them. Introduce them to games, applications and videos that are sure to engage them in their learning journey. IDÉLLO is enriched with new content on a weekly basis, and all of IDÉLLO’s content is available at all times. If you want to help your child learn French, you will surely be satisfied with IDÉLLO’s authentic French-language content, which can be adapted to your child’s skill level.

Student: IDÉLLO has the ideal content for you, no matter your skill level or learning style. You can explore the content without constraints and at your own pace. When a teacher shares resources with students, they can explore certain concepts on their own before revisiting them in more depth during class.

Early childhood educator: IDÉLLO’s search engine and targeted criteria make it extremely simple to find French-language resources adapted to children aged 6 and younger. The Franco-récréation filter provides a fun and playful take on the resources specially adapted to this demographic.

Whatever the format or medium used (computer, tablet, smartphone, smart board), IDÉLLO resources foster online learning, interactivity and mobility. Learning communities and the flipped-learning approach to education are some of the concepts that drove the development of this tool, and IDÉLLO will continue to evolve to reflect the changes in the world of education.

Groupe média

Groupe Média TFO is a worldwide leader in educational content. Recognized as an essential institution for the Ontario French-speaking community, TFO offers multiplatform media content for the Francophone and Francophile audience.

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