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Frequently asked questions

About the Website

  • Send an email to and describe your problem in as much detail as possible (username, email address, browser used, etc.). If you can, please include one or multiple screenshots showing the problem.
    You may also call toll-free: 1 844 4 IDELLO (1 844 443-3556)

  • Send us your partnership offers at and we will follow up as soon as possible.

  • Internet Browsers:
    Internet Explorer: 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari: last two versions.

    Note that Safari on Windows is not supported.

    OS (Operative System):
    Window 7 and up
    Mac 10.9 and up
    iOS: 8 and up
    Android: 4.4.4 and up

  • IDÉLLO is exclusively hosted in Canada on a cloud architecture powered by Amazon Web Services Canada.


  • If you are a teacher in an Ontarian or a Manitoban school board, you are immediately entitled to an institutional subscription providing you with complete IDELLO content access. Subscribe using your school board email address and select your school board in the institution list.

  • To request a quote, you must be signed up as the administrator of an institution. Once logged in, you can fill out a quote request form on the Subscriptions page, at the bottom of the INSTITUTIONAL section.
    An IDELLO customer service agent will follow up with you within 48 hours.

  • All your profile and subscription information is available when you are
    signed in. The Sign In option in the top right corner is available from any website page. When signed in, you can also retrieve all your information from the Dashboard.

  • Please contact an IDELLO customer service agent at or by phone at 1 844 4 IDELLO (1 844 443-3556).

  • Go to Manage my subscriptions in your profile, then click on Cancel subscription. The change will become effective at the end of the current payment cycle. HeapMedia83975

  • As a parent, you can purchase an individual subscription. The benefits of individual subscriptions are detailed in our Subscriptions page.

  • If you are a teacher in a Manitoban school board, you are immediately entitled to an institutional subscription providing you with complete IDELLO content access. Subscribe using your school board email address and select your school board in the institution list.

  • Our various subscription plans and their benefits are detailed on our Subscriptions page.
    Institutional subscriptions provide access to all of IDELLO’s content. They are reserved for schools, school boards, or other educational establishments that wish to provide their teachers with subscriptions through bulk licenses.
    Individual subscriptions provide access to all website features and resources except some video content for reasons of copyright. IDELLO is continually working to acquire new content for both subscription types.


  • La recherche avancée est accessible depuis la fonction Explorer les ressources présente en haut de page partout sur le site. Elle s’articule autour d’un menu de filtres performants permettant une exploration simple et rapide. Vous pouvez aussi faire une recherche par mot-clé depuis le champ de recherche Recherche par mot-clé en la combinant ou non à un ou plusieurs filtres.


  • All IDELLO resources are in French, with only a few exceptions. The subtitles available in the video player only include close captioning in the video’s language for the deaf or hard-of-hearing. However, a transcription of videos is available. This feature is very useful for French-as-a-second-language learners. These options are available directly in the video player, by clicking on the accessibility icon HeapMedia83980.

  • Yes. All our videos, with some exceptions only, provide close captioning and video transcription for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. These options are available directly in the video player, by clicking on accessibility icon HeapMedia83981

Student Access

  • IDÉLLO allows you to create groups of students to share resources and activities with. To be part of your groups, students must above all have an IDÉLLO account.
    You will therefore first invite them to share the license giving you access to the website. Once they have received a first invitation from you, they will have to create their account and join the group. They will automatically be part of your relationships and you can invite them to join other groups afterwards.

    When logged in, from your profile menu, under My community, click Manage my groups and invite students. Then click on Create a group.
    See details in the video below.

    Once a student has already an IDÉLLO account, he or she can simply go to the address given in the email message received or found on the label sent by you, the teacher:
    and enter the group code. Then they have to confirm that the invitation is from you and accept the invitation.


    Fill in his username and password and click SIGN IN.
    The student is part of the group automatically once connected.

    A teacher can change a student’s password without an email address by going to My subscriptions> Select a student and Change password.

Content Copyrights

  • Some videos and websites featured on IDELLO are subject to limited duration copyrights. They therefore have an expiry date. IDELLO seeks to systematically renew copyrights for resources presented on the site and referenced in some documents, but this may not always be possible for various reasons outside of our control.

  • IDELLO retains the educational broadcasting rights in Canada for all videos presented on the site. Only a select few series and videos have rights for all North America or the World.
    Please note about 1 500 IDELLO resources are available worldwide using a free account (TFO productions videos, websites, games, apps).

Password and Username

  • Go to Sign in
    and click on Forgot password.

  • When you sign in to IDÉLLO, you can use either the login you chose when creating your account, or your email address.

  • when logged in, you can change your password from the section Change My Information in the Profile menu.


  • Every resource page contains the Collaborate icon HeapMedia84007 .

    It allows you to share resources with a group or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • On the Activities page, you can add a resource from your list of bookmarks. To add a resource that isn’t in your bookmarks, visit the resource’s page and click the Add to an activity button, using the Collaborate icon

  • Every resource page contains the icon Add to my bookmarks HeapMedia84006.

    By clicking on it, you can add the resource to your unsorted bookmarks, to one or multiple existing folders, or create a new folder directly. Under My Resources in your profile, you can create folders to organize your bookmarks.

  • Go to My Resources, then Create an Activity.
    You can find it in your list of activities and complete it by clicking on the Edit icon

    If you want, you can add a quiz to your activity.

Outdated Terms

  • Although the french terms “amérindien” and “Indien” are used to discuss the many Aboriginal or First Nations populations in Canada, it must be kept in mind that this terminology is sometimes pejorative, discriminatory or insulting in the light of socio-political and historical realities, past and present. Because of the diversity of identities, situations and political issues experienced by these populations from the first peoples, there is no consensus on a universal and fixed definition. These terms are always expected to evolve over time, as their meaning is challenged, debated and reconstructed by the people involved, and this in consideration of the evolution of changing social perceptions and cultural specificities.
    Despite this fact, and because of the educational value recognized in several contents available on our inventory, the TFO Digital Learning team has decided to continue presenting them to IDÉLLO users.