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Intercultural comprehension is the doorway to new perspectives, allowing students to develop and be empowered as citizens of the world. FRANÇAIS SANS FRONTIÈRES aims to encourage young Canadians to engage in their community, encourage the new generation to grow up with respect for cultural differences, and to interact with Francophone cultures across Canada.

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In the summer of 2017, IDÉLLO created with the Ontario Ministry of Education, the FRANÇAIS SANS FRONTIÈRES educational toolbox for all French as a Second Language teachers in Ontario. The program aimed to support them in promoting intercultural understanding and developing sociolinguistic abilities in students from 1st(exposant) to 12th(exposant) grade.

Fun and educational activities in French were developed by a team of FSL educators; these age-appropriate activities focused on the interests and grade of the students to encourage them to listen, speak, read and write in French.

That wasn’t enough for the IDELLO team, however. Inspired by the concept of online petitions, which can influence our daily lives, the team imagined a safe and inclusive website aimed at kids that would encourage them to share their vision of intercultural understanding and make their voices be heard: “YOU have the power to change things and influence the world. EXPLAIN where you’re from, who you are, and BE PROUD of your cultural identity.”

This project would not have been possible without the financial support of the Government of Canada, through the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Government of Ontario.


Students are encouraged to express themselves in a digital story or podcast, then share it on this dedicated website. Using these methods of expression puts children directly in the role of lead in their own learning journey. Students decide how to tell their story, beginning with personal experience or a topic they cares about. The use of familiar and well-loved technologies engage and reassure them: due to their amazing flexibility, these powerful communication tools give every child a voice, even when he or she hesitates to speak in French. Digital stories and podcasts have the potential to grow outside of the classroom thanks to their authentic communication goal. They allow for richer discussions and a broader view on different cultures, which can serve as an additional motivation for students.

In the classroom and with the support of their teacher, kids will also develop their skills and abilities of collaboration, creativity, digital literacy, media education and so on. Tutorials will help them develop their stories, produce their digital story/podcast, understand their rights and responsibilities as media consumers and producers, and affirm their cultural identity in the digital age.

In short

A safe, secure and inclusive website
Innovative tools and video tutorials to encourage students, through realistic situations, to become responsible digital citizens
Teaching guides aligned with the French as a Second Language curriculum to support teachers
Digital story and podcast templates to inspire students and foster their creativity
Complementary resources to support students and their teachers
An engaging and encouraging project to get kids to speak in French and contribute to Canada’s bilingual, multicultural, respectful and inclusive society.