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Season 1 Episode 10 : L’électricité statique

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2016-05-18 09:26:53

Iwan is 13 years old and lives on Marken, a peninsula in a Dutch lake. The weather there changes quickly, from sunny to windy and rainy. After a storm, Iwan likes wandering along the dyke looking for driftwood and other treasures washed in by the sea. After a night of storms and lightning he always looks at the lighthouse to see if it’s been struck by lightning. Iwan wants to know what lightning is and does all kinds of experiments with static electricity. He uses static electricity to make a bell, to help things float, and light a lamp. In the end, the most important question is whether he can use static electricity to make lightning flashes that are just as powerful as those made by an electric storm.

L’électricité statique

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Season 1

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