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Lumio Farm Factor: Multiply and Divide Basics

This entertaining app helps learners master multiplications and divisions.

  • By: Lighthouse Learning Studios Ltd
  • Last version: 1.1.0
  • Language: English

Lulu's evaluation

  • Educational content 3.75/5
  • Teaching approach 4.25/5
  • Security and privacy 4.75/5
  • Technology 4.5/5
  • Design 4.5/5
  • Language quality 4.75/5

« Just like with a board game, players must go through various scenes in which they must solve certain equations. The design is super interesting and the app is dynamic. However, an error message is displayed when the equation is reversed: for example, if the answer is 3x5, the game will not accept 5x3 as an answer. This can frustrate the learner who is providing a correct answer! Having said that, the app is very interesting and definitely makes you want to buy the full version. A game in which you practice while having fun.  »

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