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Splash Math Grade 1, Ages 4 to 6 Educational Workbook

Splash Math – Grade 1 is an award-winning educational application for primary school children to learn fundamental math concepts with self-paced exercises, a scratchpad, virtual rewards and games.

  • By: StudyPad, Inc.
  • Last version: 5.0.5
  • Language: Bilingual

Lulu's evaluation

  • Educational content 5/5
  • Teaching approach 5/5
  • Security and privacy 5/5
  • Technology 5/5
  • Design 5/5
  • Language quality 5/5

« This app is fun, interactive and engaging! There are a ton of math subjects and levels to choose from, and it has a fun reward program. What’s not to love! It is a great resource for both home and school where parents and teachers can track student progress. It has many helpful elements for young students, but it is much easier to use on a tablet. The only downside is that just when you are getting into the fun, you find you have reached your free limit. »

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