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Triangle Solver

Triangle Solver is an educational application designed to help high-school students find the length of a side of a triangle or the degrees of an angle with other related parameters.

  • By: William Jockusch
  • Last version: 5.3
  • Language: English

Lulu's evaluation

  • Educational content 4/5
  • Teaching approach 3/5
  • Security and privacy 5/5
  • Technology 4/5
  • Design 4/5
  • Language quality 5/5

« This app is super easy to use and could be very useful for solving equations or problems involving triangles and their angles. While I like the concept, it doesn't really teach kids how to carry out the process independently; it is simply a calculator. It needs to be lot richer in terms of content and user interface design. The ads on the top of the screen were distracting, and no options are available to modify the app. I would tell my older friends to think twice before using it as a teaching tool. »

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