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Feel Electric!

Feel Electric is an educational application that allows children to explore their emotions by building expressive vocabulary skills using 50 emotion words, definitions and facial expressions.

  • By: Sesame Workshop Apps
  • Last version: 2.3
  • Language: English

Lulu's evaluation

  • Educational content 4.6/5
  • Teaching approach 4.5/5
  • Security and privacy 4.6/5
  • Technology 4.7/5
  • Design 4.5/5
  • Language quality 4.8/5

« Overall, a very well-thought-out app! Often, it can be hard for us young pups to know how to properly express ourselves or identify our feelings and those of others. I liked matching the words to the facial expressions and building expressive vocabulary skills. All of the instructions are explained in a video tutorial, and each icon is explained by the narrator. There are vocabulary-based games, and users can access a digital diary. I give it four bones! »

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