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Russie la nostalgie de l'empire

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2016-09-09 05:27:10

When he came to power in 2000, Vladimir Putin, nostalgic for the former Soviet empire, took over the leadership of a country in chaos, caught up in an unprecedented economic crisis. He established a strong and authoritarian regime and tried to restore the empire, through force, diplomacy or the natural resources of its immense territory. In Moscow, Ukraine, Georgia, Central Asia or the Far East, this document deciphers Vladimir Putin’s Russian relations with foreign countries and analyzes how this global power is getting poorer by the day. Vladimir Putin’s latest project: the Eurasian Union, which is supposed to compete with the European Union. This documentary leads students to reflect on the interdependence of political, economic and social forces in a country and to open up to the world and the daily lives of people elsewhere on the planet. Vladimir Putin’s “reign” and his impact on the population can be analyzed and compared with the model experienced in other democracies.

Russie la nostalgie de l'empire

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