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SEMAINE NATIONALE DE LA FRANCOPHONIE -Découvrez les richesses culturelles et linguistiques qui font la francophonie d’ici et d’ailleurs

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Ottawa Offices 801, promenade de l'Aviation
suite D1320
Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3
 Dufour-Séguin Dufour-Séguin Educator Agente de liaison IDÉLLO
Nathalie a œuvré au sein de plusieurs conseils scolaires, entre autre à titre d’agente de formation en informatique. Elle a rejoint le Groupe Média TFO en 2015 où elle a notamment occupé le poste d’agente de service à la clientèle en soutien aux abonnés d’IDÉLLO : elle connaît donc parfaitement les besoins de notre clientèle.

Community reviews

This resource has been noted 1 on 5 by the community1 Community reviews1

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    I tried to sign in several times to attend this webinar, but was unable to do so without a password, which was not provided when I received confirmation of my registration. This is very disappointing, as I took time out of my March Break with my family to fit this webinar into my schedule. I find it hard to view these webinars, given the times during the day when they're scheduled - I'm usually teaching - so I chose this one and have wasted 30 min trying to sign in. I doubt I'll follow up with any others in future. I gave a rating of one heart because I was required to give some sort of rating - otherwise, I'd have given none.

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