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L’apprentissage des compétences en lecture avec les livres numériques.

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Ottawa Offices 801, promenade de l'Aviation
suite D1320
Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3

AUDIENCE: Educators and teachers seeking digital books and reading apps for children aged kindergarten to grade 2, available on IDÉLLO.

GOALS: During this webinar, participants will: – Discover a series of digital books on IDÉLLO to awaken a love of reading in children. – Navigate the Boukili app, which serves to help reading education in children aged 4 and up. – Explore our themed folders for interactive reading.

Pascale Bourdeau

Educator, Pascale Bourdeau, agente de liaison

Pascale began her career in education in 1995 in the province of Quebec, where she has held diverse roles during her 12 years of experience. Passionate about education and its new challenges, she wishes to accompany and support teachers in the use of digital resources to promote educational success. This is why Pascale is proud to join Groupe Média TFO as an IDÉLLO liaison officer. She will be delighted to share the many possibilities offered by the IDÉLLO digital platform and to assist you during its use in the classroom.

Community reviews

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