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Activity ideas - Parents of Children in Grade 3

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Ottawa Offices 801, promenade de l'Aviation
suite D1320
Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3

PARENTS SPECIAL! (children attending a francophone school)

This special webinar for parents/guardians of children attending a francophone school introduces parents to an array of IDÉLLO resources designed for children in Grade 3 (8-9 years old). We will suggest certified media content and fun activities that will engage them while they are learning from home.


Barbara Franchi

Educator, Barbara Franchi, agente de liaison

Barbara’s background is in sales and marketing. But her passion for travelling, languages and education have lead her to teach French in Asia for a few years. Back in Europe, she got the mission to train young managers in Eastern Europe for Sony, from Turkey to Russia. She started her new adventure in Canada by teaching French again, but moved on to a publishing company specialized in FSL resources for schools in Ontario. Creating, developing relationships, sharing, are her true motivations. “Being a member of IDÉLLO is a real privilege. I am really looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience with you all”.

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