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Activités en sciences : 3e à la 8e année grâce à Sciences Nord.

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Ottawa Offices 801, promenade de l'Aviation
suite D1320
Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3

Are you looking for comprehensive science resources that you can quickly use in the classroom with your students? Do not search anymore! During this webinar, IDÉLLO presents the Science North videos which are accompanied by practical activity sheets ready to be used.

What to expect ?
- Activities for grades 3 to 8 related to the S&T curriculum.
- Become familiar with IDÉLLO content searches
- Exchanges of inspiring practices.


Julie Lépine

Trainer, Julie Lépine, agente de liaison

Julie has been actively involved in Francophone schools across Canada in recent years as a science educator. As a new liaison officer at IDÉLLO, she strives to meet the educational content needs of subscribers and their communities.

Community reviews

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