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Une fondation pour surmonter les défis des nouveautés

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Duration: Ottawa Offices 801, promenade de l'Aviation
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Ottawa, ON K1K 4R3

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AUDIENCE : Early childhood educators

OBJECTIVE : Welcoming new smiles and getting to know the children in your class at the start of the school year is always very exciting. Getting used to the new rhythm of the day, the routine, the rules, classmates and all the other new things can bring challenges. Come discover IDÉLLO content that will enable you to build a foundation to overcome the challenges that a new school year can bring with children from 2.5 to 6 years. This foundation will allow you to promote a positive class environment and positive, trusting relationships throughout the year. Among the suggested contents, you will find how to address safety when using technology with children, learning and recognizing emotions and feelings, encouraging communication and the inclusion of all in the group. The contents will be accompanied by possible activity inspirations all while making links to the foundational conditions and frames of learning for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

 Des Rivières

Juliane Des Rivières

Trainer, Agente de liaison IDÉLLO

Juliane has 7 years of diverse experience in early childhood education. She worked in francophone child care centres as an educator for before and after care, with infants and preschoolers, as chief educator and as centre coordinator. Passionate of learning and new challenges, Juliane joined Groupe Média TFO in 2019 as relations officer with the educational community where she discovered a deep admiration for digital learning with IDÉLLO. Inspired and determined, she is thrilled to pursue her role as a liaison officer and share the many possibilities the IDÉLLO platform has to offer in the classroom, in child care centres and at home.

Community reviews

This resource has been noted 5 on 5 by the community1 Community reviews5
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    5 hearts out of 5 rated
    Julianne connaît le programme de maternelle et jardin d'enfance. Elle présente les ressources disponibles. Elle explique l'importance des règles de vie en salle de classe qui est important à établir en début d'année. De là, elle présente les émotions et comment elles se vient chez une personne. Elle partage des ressources disponibles dans tous les domaines : autorégulation, bien-être, etc. et comment les utilisées dans une leçon et l'enrichir. En plus, elle propose des nouveautés qui sensibilisent les enfants aux différences : deux papas, aux autochtones, etc. Le tout pour donner un sens d'appartenance chez l'enfant. Je recommande cette formation.

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