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Season 1 Episode 1 : Naesha

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Video series: 1

Season 1

Community reviews

This resource has been noted 3 on 5 by the community6 Community reviews3
  • Consult the profile of Natalie L
    5 hearts out of 5 rated
    J'aime beaucoup pour mes élèves en immersion 7e et 8e. Ils peuvent s'identifier, ainsi que se comparer à des jeunes de d'autres pays. C'est génial ! Merci !
  • Consult the profile of Maude B
    4 hearts out of 5 rated
    She speaks very clearly with her own accent which is charming.. It is important to be exposed to different ways of speaking French. It is part of La francophonie et la diversité.
  • Consult the profile of Hamza A
    5 hearts out of 5 rated
    I like how she accepts everything in her city, she agrees that there are power outages, and I believe stuff like earthquakes, but she still loves her country.

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