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Guide pédagogique 5e à 8e Études sociales - Le rêve de Champlain

This resource has been noted 4 on 5 by the community See the community reviews

Community reviews

This resource has been noted 4 on 5 by the community4 Community reviews4
  • Consult the profile of Stephanie D
    2 hearts out of 5 rated
    J'essaye de trouver le jeu de societe "le reve de Champlain" Est-ce que c'est encore disponible?
  • Consult the profile of Michelle S
    3 hearts out of 5 rated
    The guide pedagogique is very good, however if it contained the graphic organizers and student worksheets, it would be much better. These days of so many learning curves, teachers should not have to spend time or energy to make up student worksheets which Idello could so easily provide.
  • Consult the profile of Carole F
    5 hearts out of 5 rated
    Les affiches mentionnées dans le guide pédagogique se trouvent dans la colonne de droite "En lien avec la ressource". Veuillez contacter pour plus de renseignements.

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