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Boum, c'est canon !

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No need to be a genius to participate in Boom, c’est canon. All that’s needed is some quick-wittedness and the ability to not take oneself too seriously! Hosted by Pascal Morrissette and Pascal Barriault, this high-energy youth quiz invites participants to answer questions as funny as they are unusual.

You’re 12 to 14 and you want to be a contestant on the show? You could have a great experience with TWO people older than you (your parents, your big brother, your grandmother, a family friend, a teacher, your uncle…). Plus, you get to meet the two hosts! TO REGISTER, send a message to:

Would you like to just be part of the show’s studio audience? Visit

DOWNLOAD THE GAME! (The app is free for iPad and Android Tablet.) Visit to find out more.


61 episodes

Season 1
Season 2

community review

Boum, c'est canon !

This resource has been note 5 on 5 by the community2 community review5

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  • Andy Wisco
    I know that Jacob guy
  • Jacob Costa
    I love BOOM CEST CANNON!!!!,,

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