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What is IDÉLLO?

Certified educational content

Thousands of videos, apps, games, teaching guides and other educational content.
Searchable by subject, school grade
and age group.

Practical tools

An intuitive, thoroughly safe
navigation experience.
All of your favourites at the click of a button.
Resources and activities to share with your children or students.

Interactive community

A collaborative platform enhanced by users.
Educational resources that are rated and commented on by the community.
An opportunity to talk to and share with Francophone and Francophile communities.

Discover all that Idéllo has to offer

teachers, Here are resources for you

Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving through science.

On the program, physics and chemisty experiments for the little ones and not-so-little ones to explore the world's life forms and to conduct a scientific investigation into topics that fascinate them.

students, Here are resources for you

Science is everywhere a curious mind looks!

Ever wonder about jellyfish? 3D? Levitation? Ants? Or do you have even wackier questions, like "Can you tame a shark?" or "Can a car drive over a bridge made of cardboard?"? Find answers for these questions and much, much more on IDÉLLO!