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Summer is here!

Here is a selection of resources that make you want to do a physical activity! More about this on IDÉLLO magazine (

What is Idéllo?

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    Certified educational content

    • A variety of certified resources in French, relevant and categorized according to subject matter and school grade
    • Over 11, 000 educational resources: videos, games, websites, applications, teaching tools
    • Designed to meet the needs of teachers, educators, students and parents
    • Expert-curated resources for Francophones and Francophiles: risk-free browsing
    • ERAC-certified
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    Practical tools

    • Explore IDÉLLO’s resource library by clicking on Explore Our Resources
    • Target specific concepts and subjects using our efficient search engine
    • Save time by creating, saving and organizing bookmarks
    • Customize your searches on your Dashboard
    • Foster the flipped classroom approach, create groups so that your students can view online videos

    Teacher testimonial: “my class is much more engaged; I know my subject matter well, and I’m able to find content suitable for the subject at hand”

    Parent testimonial: “I can let my kids surf the platform by themselves since I know that the content is certified and safe.”

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