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Season 1 Episode 14 : Les nuits de Sarah

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2016-09-08 05:26:30

Sarah a 11 ans. Depuis qu’elle a 5 ans, elle est placée en famille d’accueil avec son petit frère parce que sa maman est malade et qu’elle ne peut assumer l’éducation de ses deux enfants.
Sarah is 11 years old. Since she was 5 years old, she has been placed with a foster family with her little brother because her mother is sick and she cannot take care of the education of her two children. After having been scoured several homes, Sarah now lives in a family where, for 4 years, everything has been done to make her feel good. She loves her school, her friends and yet there is a real problem: She does not sleep at night. Two hours, three hours, four hours… Sarah tosses and turns in her bed without finding sleep. Because what the little girl cannot admit is that her placement is final. Together with her mom and adoptive parents, everyone will try to find a solution so that Sarah can sleep and smile again.

Les nuits de Sarah

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